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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Buddhist Temple Visit

The 4th graders asked some questions about the Buddhist Temple we visited on Wednesday.  It was originally built in the year 863 and is made mostly of brick and wood. It has lots of statutes and beautiful gardens. The people don't worship like we would in our church with songs, Bible readings, sermons and prayers. Usually the would just light and incense stick and offer quick prayers for their ancestors.

In regards to your village question: the oldest village we  visited was about 120 years old and the biggest had a population of about 400.


  1. Thank you so much, Steve, for all the updates, the photos, the kids posts.....it is is soooo comforting to be "in contact" in this way. My heart ached and sobbed as the bus pulled away from St. Paul's because I realized, at that very moment, what an important part of my daughter's life I'm going to miss out on. Your commitment to the blog is so so APPRECIATED! Thank you, bless you, and hope you're getting some quality sleep in between the adventures!

    1. Mara - it is my pleasure. Mel & the entire team is having a great trip.

  2. I ditto everything Mara says! It is nice to have a "daily" slice of what the team is experiencing half a world away. I am so grateful to hear news of the journey and see the pictures of the students. Enjoy the journey and know that you are being prayed for! PS. Better get out your checkbook as the students stepped it up and brought in some serious offerings today at chapel!! =)