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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chinese History

The 4th graders asked if we could ask in a village "How long has China been a nation?" That is a complicated question. Because it involves some political sensitivity we didn't ask it of the villagers. But a brief answer is that China has a 5000 year history mostly with many dynasties and rulers. More recently, from 1911 - 1949 China was known as the Republic of China. Then in 1949 more changes took place and the nation became The People's Republic of China. That is still the official name of China.

St. Paul' students - keep those questions coming.

Tomorrow we visit a Buddhist Temple and have our last few miles on the bikes. We have a good wifi connection here in Longshan and so you should be able to see some pictures of our adventures.

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  1. The 4th Graders have a few more questions for you all! :)

    ~ What has been the biggest village you have visited? (How many people live there?) What is the oldest village you visited?
    ~ They are very interested in the Buddhist Temple that you will visit. What is made out of? How old is it? Is there a statue of Buddha there? What kind of worship do they do there?
    ~ What has been the best part of the trip so far?

    We hope you are having a great time! Know that you are all in our prayers!

  2. Wow - lots of questions. We will try and find some answers for you. Look for some picture answers from the the Buddhist Temple.